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Mehran University Institute of Science, Technology and Development (MUISTD) is established to produce highly qualified manpower at MS, MPhil and PhD degree level, as well as, to formally train the existing personnel already in charge in this field. It also conducts research on different aspects of effective and viable S&T policy framework and their strategies to achieve these objectives.

It is established to be a centre of excellence for teaching, training and research required to respond to the modern day challenges. Its R&D activities are aimed at focusing on all important issues relating to development, management, and exploitation of human and natural resources and other means and methods for rapid socio-economic development of the country. The clients of research results and training of this institute are universities, R&D organizations, government, industry, business, individuals in public and private sectors. It is intended to serve as a nerve centre and render suitable advice for the required scientific and technological development to academics, research, industry, business, government, etc.

In addition to policy and strategy MUISTD is also planning to equip the human resource to respond to the need of rapidly changing business environment. In the era of national and international competition the professional managers and decision makers require capabilities to perform exceptionally well and make informed, knowledgeable and visionary decisions in lines with effective policies. Therefore, in addition to MS programs in policy and strategy, MUISTD is starting MBA degree programs in different fields of specializations. The following programs are offered by MUISTD.

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B.E - NED University, Karachi
M.Sc - AIT, Bangkok
Ph.D - University of Sheffield,UK

[email protected]
0222-2772431, 0222-772255 Ext#6701

Prof.Dr. S.M. Qureshi


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B.E Mehran UET.Jamshoro
M.E Mehran UET.Jamshoro
M.Sc University of Sussex, UK
Ph.D Nottingham University UK
HEC Approved Supervisor
[email protected], [email protected] 0222-2772430, 0222-772255 Ext#6701

Dr. Arabella Bhutto


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B.E Mehran UET.Jamshoro
M.Sc University of Sussex, UK
Ph.D Beijing Institute Of Technology (BIT), China
[email protected] [email protected]
0222-772433, 0222-772255 Ext#6702

Dr. Zahid Ali Memon


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