Research Conducted

1. ICT in Education, Health, Business and Government

E-Government Service in Pakistan: A Citizens' Perspective E-Health in Sindh: Study of initiatives, challenges and implications ICT Initiatives and Strategies in Pakistan's Higher Education Policy: national and institutional Pathways Challenges to E-business in Developing countries: A case Study of Pakistan ICT Implementation In the Secondary Education: Case study from District Ghotki. Impact of Awareness Campaign on internet Misuse & better Policy formulation for internet usage in Universities. Development of Framework for a medical system and Evolution of electronic Patient Record System in Pakistan Using Geographical Information Systems in Decision Making of Solid waste Management: A Case study for Hyderabad City. A Study of Customers Perceptions of the E – Banking of HBL E –Health: Case Study of The Agha Khan University, Karachi Factors Enhancing Innovation in the IT outsourcing firms: A case form the Karachi, Pakistan. Use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Public Secondary Schools of Hyderabad District. Designing Examinations Information System Management; A comparative case Study The Influence of ICT on public secondary schools in Pakistan: A case study of Tandojam v/s Hyderabad. Improving Physics education in Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools; A case study of Karachi Building Successful E-learning Program for MUISTD. The Influence of ICT on the Health of Professional Students and House Holds: A Case Study of Hyderabad City. Effective use of ICT Tools for Teaching, Learning and Administrative Activities in University of Sindh Jamshoro. The Effective Utilization of Information and Communications Technology in Administration at Mehran University Of Engineering and Technology. Barriers in Adopting M-Banking System in Universities: A Case Study of Public Universities of Jamshoro. Analysis of Customer Satisfaction with Reference to Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Services: A Case Study of Various banks in Hyderabad. Conceptual Framework of E-Learning By Using Technology Acceptance Model. Impact of ICT on Teachers Training: Learning Stimulated by Technology, Case Study of PITE Sindh. Importance of Automation in Zakat Disbursement System at Hyderabad District. The Adoption of Hospital Information System in Public and Private Sector Hospitals of Sindh Province. Management of Information Technology Practices in Public Universities. Issues of Biometrics System in Mobilink: A Case Study of Hyderabad and Mirpurkhas Zone. Impact Of Cell Phone Usage On Learning: A Case Study of Students of Superior Science College Hyderabad. Use of Animation to Improve Physics Education in Secondary And Higher Secondary Schools (A Case Study of Karachi). Integration of information and communication technologies in education of teachers: Learning stimulated by Technology Case study PITE, Sindh. Information and Communication Technology Practices in Public Sector University Libraries in Sindh.

2. Triple Helix Linkages: University-Industry-Government Linkages in Pakistan

Role of Science & Technology Parks in Establishing University Industry Linkages: Case Study of Software Technology Parks of Islamabad. Measuring University Industry Government Linkages of Textile Sector in Sindh. The Analysis of University – Industry – Government Linkage of Pharmaceutical Sector in Sindh, Pakistan Analyzing University, Industry and Government Linkages in Software Sector In Jamshoro and Hyderabad. Analysis of University and Industry Linkages in Software Sector in Karachi Analysis of University and Industry Linkages in Telecom Sector in Sindh

3. Policy and Management of Intellectual Property

Devising IP Policy for MUET. Commercialization of IP for Economic Growth: A Case Study for Universities in Sindh. Conversion of Research into Intellectual Property: An Evidence from Universities in Sindh. IPR: A case Study of Software Houses Karachi

4. Customer Satisfaction and Customer Relations Management

Comparative Study of CRM Strategy in Local and Foreign Banks: A Case Study of Pakistan. Student's need based approach to consumer relationship Management: A Case study of MUET, Jamshoro. Implementation of CRM in HEIs: the Case Study of MUET Jamshoro. Organizational Constraints over Implementation of CRM: The Case Study of MUET. The Role of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Addressing Faculty Problems: The Case Study of MUET, Jamshoro. Improvement of CRM through KM: A Case Study of MUET Jamshoro.

5. Corporate Social Responsibilities in Government and Business Organizations

Finding Evidence of CSR Implementation in Pakistan. Utilities of Corporate and Social Responsibilities for Company Performance: A Case Study of Telecom Companies in Hyderabad. Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Practices Within Public Sector Universities; A case study of MUET, Jamshoro Corporate Social Responsibility in Small and Medium Enterprise: A Case Study of Jamshoro and Hyderabad Districts.

6. Human Resource Management

Analysis of Turnover Intentions among IT Professionals: The Case Study of Hyderabad. Factors Enhancing Innovation in the IT outsourcing firms: A case form the Karachi, Pakistan Measuring customer Satisfaction: A case study of Hyderabad Restaurant. Analysis of Employee Needs:Case Study of HESCO Hyderabad. Factors that Affects Human Resource management: A Case Study of Dawlance and PTCL regional offices Hyderabad. Role of Work Ethics for Productivity in Public and Private Organizations: A Case of Commercial Banks in Urban Sindh Factors Affecting On Transfer of Training at Workplace: A Case Study of SSGC Limited Hyderabad. Impact of using Social Network Websites in Workplace on the Performance of IT Performance: A Case Study of Education City Jamshoro. Motivating IT Professionals: A Case Study Of Jamshoro Education City (JEC). Factors Affecting the Motivation of Govt. College Teachers: A Case Study of Govt. Colleges at Hyderabad. Human Capital as an engine for Employment growth: Evidence from Higher Education Institutes (HEIs). Influence of Interest, skills and Values on Career Development: A Case of Hyderabad. Influence of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors Affecting on Employee Retention: A Case Study of less Developed area (Distt:Badin) Level of Job Dissatisfaction in High level of Unemployment: A Case Study of Hyderabad Industries. The Effects of employee De – motivation on Organizational Performance: The Case of Hyderabad Region. Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction of Employees: A Case of Flour Mills in Sindh. The Factors Influence on the Student Satisfaction: A Case of MUET. Impact of downsizing on Survivors and Victims: A Case of employees in public and private organizations in Karachi. Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction among Teachers Working in Rural Sindh: A Comparative Study of Private and Public School Teachers. Occupational Stress Faced by Nurses at Hyderabad Sindh: A Comparative study of Government and Private Hospital. To Synchronize Job Description and Performance Appraisals of MUET Employees Working on Grade 07, 14 and 16 Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction of University Teachers: A Case Study of Mehran University of Engineering & Technology Jamshoro and Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur Mir's. Impact of Effective Recruitment and Selection on Organizational Performance. A Case Study of Jamshoro Education City HRM Practices in Mehran Sugar Mills Limited, Tando Allayar. Determinants of Academic Employee Retention and Commitment in HEC. Impact of Employees Job Productivity and Job Satisfaction on Organization Performance. Employability skills: perception of employees, business schools and graduates: A Case study of Hyderabad. Factors Affecting Teacher’s Job Satisfaction in Rural Areas: A Case Study of District Tando Allahyar, Sindh. Impact of Corporate incentives on employee satisfaction: The Case Study of Mobile Network Operators in Hyderabad.

7. Clusters, Science and Technology Parks, and Business/Technology Incubation Center

Role of Science & Technology Parks in Establishing University Industry Linkages: Case Study of Software Technology Parks of Islamabad. Factors Causing the Formation of Industrial Clustering in Hyderabad: A Case Study of Motorcycle Manufacturing Industry. Concept of Establishing Science Park for Enhancing Research: A Case Study of Jamshoro Education City. The Influence of social and Human Capital on SMEs Sectors: A Case Study of Hala Handicrafts.

8. Policy, Program and Project Evaluation and Effectiveness

Impact of World Food on Program Education in Pakistan: A case study of District Umerkot and Tharparkar. Impact of Vaccine Refusals on Polio Eradication Program in Rural Sindh: A case study of Hyderabad, Kambar Ghotki. The Post Project Review of USAID Project: A Case Study on Jamshoro Power House Limited Company. Analyze the Impact of Promotion Policy of HEC in Motivating the Faculty member of Jamshoro Education City. Impact of Complementary Food Counseling on Malnutrition under 5 Years Children: Case Study of Tertiary care Hospital LUH, Jamshoro. Identifying Key Issues, of Technical Education Downfall “A Case Study of Sindh. Food availability & accessibility: a food security study of Hyderabad.

9. Research on Higher Education Institutions

Importance of Privacy Policy for University Students in Jamshoro Educational City. Bibliometric Analysis: Case study of Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro Identification if E – Journals Using Log Files: The Case Study of MUET. A Framework for Enhance Intake of Foreign Students in Jamshoro Education City. Quality Enhancement policy of HEC and its impact on Universities. A Framework for Identifying satisfaction and Degree Completion of Post Graduate Students: A Case Study of Jamshoro Education City. Identifying Capacities of Undergraduate Students for teamwork; The Case Study of MUET Analysis of Online Job Searching Attitude of Job Seekers in Jamshoro Education City. Redesigning the MBA Program: Implications for Business Institutes in Hyderabad. University Student's Perception on using Internet in Mobile Phones. Redesigning Learning Methods and Grading Standards in Business Degree Programs (Implication for University of Sindh,Jamshoro). Internship Practices and Satisfaction Levels of Students in Developing Their Career Opportunities: The Case Study of MUET. Perception of Final Year Students Towards Career Selection A Case Study of Jamshoro Education City. Exploring Research Trends in Information Technology in Pakistan. Harassment and Discrimination Faced by Female Faculty Members in Jamshoro Education City. Interest of Foreign Students of Higher Education Institutes in Tourism in Hyderabad. Analysis of the Reward Management Strategies and Incentive Provision on Employee Research Productivity and Professional Growth: A Case Study of Hyderabad. Market Acceptability of Business Graduates in Hyderabad The need Assessment of Teachers Training at Higher Education Level: The Case Study of University of Sindh, Jamshoro. Assessing Knowledge Capacity, professional Skills and Teaching Attributes Teachers of MUET.

10. Entrepreneurship, Small Business and Innovation Studies Firm and National level

Software firm level innovation in Pakistan: Learning Lessons from China & India. Problems Faced by Female Entrepreneurs in Sindh Inclination of Business Graduates toward Entrepreneurship: The Case Study of Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) in Sindh. Access to Finance for Female Entrepreneurs: A comparative analysis of Grameen Bank Bangladesh and Khushali Bank Pakistan. Contribution of Small and Medium Enterprises in Regional Development: Case study Of Kotri. Women Entrepreneurship in Sindh: Empirical Investigation of Development and Challenges. Role of NGOs in development of Entrepreneurs: A Case Study of NGOs in Hyderabad. Impediments in implementation of women development projects: A Case Study of NGOs in Hyderabad. Coalbed Methane Generation Through Microbial Consortium-A Step to Innovative Technology. Investigating the role of Social commerce in small business: Case study of Hyderabad. Trends of Herbal Medicine Business In Hyderabad. Problems in access to finance for female entrepreneurs: a Comparative analysis of Grameen bank Bangladesh and Khushhali bank Pakistan. Entrepreneurship education for job creation and economic growth: Case study of Universities in Sindh. Study of Micro-Techno Economic Dynamics For Poverty Alleviation-A Case Study of Sindh.

11. Other research topics

Business Process Re-Engineering in Administration Department of Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi. An Analysis of software cost estimation measurements in modern & dynamic perspective From Fossil to Bio-Fuels in Pakistan Impediments in Harnessing Coal Potential in Pakistan: Case of Thar Coal Reserves Skilled Labour can be Competitive Advantage for Pakistan: A Case Study of Labour force of three Jamshoro Universities. Parent's Satisfaction Towards Private Schooling System: A Case Of District Sukkur and Khairpur. Investigation of Most Frequent Type of Failure in Oil and Gas up Stream Operation: A Case of UEPL. Analysis of Risks Associated to Livestock and Role of Insurance Schemes. Reasons of Preference of Using Islamic Banks by Customers in Hyderabad. Business Process Re – Engineering in Hospital through "ERP": A Case Study of Razia Medical Complex, Landhi Karachi Sindh. Pakistan Power Crisis: Impact on Human Resources and Possible Solutions. A Framework for Identify key Issues, of Technical Education Downfall: A Case Study of Sindh Impediments Affecting on the Co – Generation of Power by Sugar Industry: A Case Study of Badin District of Sindh. Production of coal bed Methane through microbial consortium step innovative technology. Study of Adulteration and its Control in Pakistan: Ebible Oils Case Study. Problems Faced by Patients in public Sector Hospitals: A Case Study of LUMHS. Critical Factors Effecting Quality Teaching: A Case of Government Degree Colleges of Qasimabad Hyderabad Child Work Experiences in Hyderabad City Pakistan. Challenges faced by NGOs in Women Development Project: A Case of Hyderabad NGOs Maintaining Fair Copies Perception of Students, Teachers and Parents.

12. Financial Studies and Business Models

Comparative study of products and performance Differentiation Analysis of Islamic Banking System with Conventional Banking System in Pakistan from Year 2009-2014. Optimizing Own Income Generation and Cost Control in Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro. Actual Assessment of Pension & Commutation Liabilities of Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro.

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